The more rescue dog owners I talk to, the more I hear about ‘Soul Mutts’ those particularly special dogs that somehow get under your skin.  In a multi dog household, we know we shouldn’t have favourites, but sometimes they happen by accident. Dora is my Soul Mutt (but don’t tell the others).

The moment I clapped eyes on Dora, I knew she was meant for me.

Dora was 6 months old, lying on her side with a cast on her leg at CLAW where she had been patched back together after being hit by a car which broke her leg.  She was a bag of bones and looked very forlorn, but still managed to wag her stumpy tail when I talked to her and that was me sold.

Dora’s leg was a mess, she was weak and could barely walk.  It took 18 months and 6 operations to get her leg right, then once she wasn’t in pain, the real Dora appeared.  The meek, mild dog that I’d brought home weighing 10kgs morphed into a 30kg gorgeous dog who is full of fun (and mischief).  Dora is incredibly protective of me, and is actually quite overbearing in her quest to be near me, but I think she knows that I saved her and is constantly working on repaying the favour.

I have no idea what breed mix Dora is and frankly I couldn’t care less.  In my, perhaps not so humble opinion, the beauty of a mixed breed dog is in the mystery.  Dora is unique in both her personality and looks which makes her all the more special to me.

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