Meet Jeremy AKA Mr Jems.  A now rather elderly Dachshund that I adopted from Sandton SPCA on Valentine’s Day 2011.  This boy is the reason I got into dog photography and promoting rescue dog adoption.  The week before I saw Jeremy, I did an incredibly stupid thing by adopting a miniature Daxie puppy from a pet store.  Jackson, our tiny puppy, died 36 hours later from Parvo Virus, a disease that is more common than not in puppies purchased from pet shops.

Puppies have an uncanny ability to reduce anyone to a series of coos and ahhhs, so its no wonder pet shops do so well by selling them, hey I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  The sad fact is that animals in pet stores come from puppy mills which involve a miserable lifetime of unrelenting breeding for the parent dogs and often very unhealthy puppies.  Don’t fall for it.  By buying animals from pet stores you are contributing to the misery.  Rather adopt.

Rant over.

I knew that the only option for getting another dog was to adopt from a shelter and as I walked out to the yard at the SPCA there was Jeremy.  The universe had sent me another Sausage dog. It was the start of my journey to promote adoption.  Sometimes I think we have to go through terrible experiences to learn the hard way.  As a result of buying Jackson, countless dogs have been adopted because of the pictures I’ve taken at shelters and I hope to keep contributing to the adoption movement in bigger and better ways.

Mr Jems is now blind and deaf which causes the occasional collision with doors and steps and he often sleeps through the filling of food bowls and has to be woken up for his meals.  Lately he’s taken to insisting on having his food bowl delivered directly to him whilst he lies in bed and suckers that we are, we oblige.  Anything to keep the old guy happy.


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