Loki is mostly fluff with a dog hidden underneath, and his unusually furry outfit has earned him the nickname Mr Puff.  He was adopted from Sandton SPCA as a small puppy and lives like a prince with his Mom.  Loki is constantly supplied with iced doggy zoo biscuits (he gets sad if he doesn’t have at least two a day) along with a huge collection of toys.  His favourite was Mr octopus until Loki removed all his legs and eyes, then he lost interest.

Loki’s Mom thinks he may be part fish given his obsession with water.  She has had to take to showering because Loki gets upset if he’s not allowed in the bath with her. When he was a tiny puppy he would climb into water bowls and flick all the water out all over the show, then run through mud and then run through the house.

His funny underbite makes him an entertaining feature at dinner parties, although he doesn’t like being laughed at and will bark at people who make fun of him.

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