Maggie is one of those one in a million dogs that despite a spectacularly rubbish start to her life is the most fun and happy creature you’d ever hope to meet.

This pooch was used as a bait dog somewhere in Soweto and was found by rescuers from CLAW lying emaciated in a ditch with one of her front legs snapped off and full of maggots (hence her name).  She’d also had her jaw broken at some point, which had healed itself and was missing most of her teeth.

Her injuries were so horrific that the team thought the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep, but Maggie had other ideas.  One lick of the vet’s hand and they worked their magic to save her.

Maggie’s wrecked front leg was removed and her parents took her home a month after she was rescued for some much needed R & R.  Several months later and Miss Maggie is the most amazing dog.  She was full of fun when she came to the studio for her shoot (despite her lack of teeth, she managed to wrap the few she has around my camera) and is happy to meet new people and dogs.

Dogs are incredibly forgiving, it’s nothing short of miraculous that this girl is able to function let alone be pleased to meet humans after her awful ordeal, so there’s no need to be put off adopting a rescue dog with a past, it’ll probably add to their charm and make you love them all the more.

3 thoughts on “Maggie

  1. Hubby and i came to groom Maggie at Karen’s home 3 days after she arrived there. Maggie left such a big impression on us, to be that friendly, loveable and trusting after what she has been through was incredible. She nibbled is and snuggled and let us groom and pamper her in our mobile parlour – all new and strange to her but she was a True Champ.
    Maggie you taught me so much and i think of you often.
    Thanks to Karen and hubby for the fantastic life Maggie and her brothers have. Emma your pictures are amazing xxx Julie Grune


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