Yogi is a big bundle of love who was adopted from CLAW by his family in 2011.  I’m going to take a bit of credit here as I took the photo below of Yogi sitting in the yard at the shelter which spurred his Mom into adopting him.

I think the reasons that people adopt a particular dog are very interesting. Yogi’s Mom told me that she was drawn to him because of how awkward he looked and that she and her husband also feel like they are awkward, so something resonated.  It’s almost as if in reflecting their feelings of being different, Yogi’s gawkiness made it easier for them to love him.

Yogi enjoys living the high life now, a far cry from his humble beginnings in an informal settlement, along with his two adopted doggy siblings Maggie and Britain.  He’s rather a large dog now and looks markedly different from the first photo I took of him.  It’s amazing what love and some good food can do.



2 thoughts on “Yogi

  1. You’re totally the reason Yogi has a home, and being our 1st rescue, you could safely say you’re the reason we adopt – thanks again for all the work you do for these voiceless furkids xo


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