This tiny package of awesome is Brie.  Part dog, part Gremlin (in looks only, she’s the sweetest little pooch). Brie was the only girl in a litter of puppies offered free to a good home on Gumtree (???) and thankfully intercepted by Boston Terrier Rescue who were able to check on the puppies homes so that they didn’t end up somewhere unpleasant.  If you think there’s a problem with children being targeted on the internet by nasty people, it’s just as much of a problem for dogs.

Brie now lives with her parents and younger brother Ryan (their two legged baby) and enjoys travelling with them wherever they go, including to Granny’s house.

I think it’s absolutely wonderful that all the of the dog parents I’ve met refer to their dogs as their children and treat them as such. Brie’s parents call her their ‘Furborn’.  Cesar Milan would probably be horrified with all the hounds that sleep in beds and have their humans lives revolve around them, but frankly who cares?



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