Kevin Bacon


This fun loving guy is Kevin Bacon, so called because when he arrived at the shelter in 2015 he was missing a foot.  Get it? Footless/loose, hence his rather unusual and very cool name.

Bacon (as he’s known for short or when not in trouble) is now not just missing a foot, he’s missing a leg.  His stump was causing him pain, so the vets at CLAW made the decision to amputate his leg so he could go on with life more happily.

Happiness personified, Bacon can boast about doing the following:

  • Fostering puppies – he is a great nanny!
  • Making people happy with his goofiness, he has the ability to light up a room when he smiles
  • Bouncing, yes really, even with three legs
  • Being a CLAW brand ambassador promoting adoption of mixed breed rescue dogs
  • Having a human brother who is his best friend

Bacon is the ultimate rescue dog, he might not look perfect on the outside (although I guess that depends on your definition of perfect) but he’s perfect on the inside and makes everyone he meets that little bit happier.


KB comes from CLAW, you can find out more about them here –

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