Little Arizona is a compromise dog.  Her Mom wanted a lap dog and her Dad wanted a large dog, but after seeing her photo online as an 11 week old puppy, they were both smitten (she is a staffy mix, so sized somewhere in between).

Arizona likes:

  • Licking toes (totally acceptable for a dog to admit to enjoying this)
  • Jumping into Mom and Dad’s bed the minute the alarm goes off
  • Playing with her best friend Shorty (he’s not short)
  • Chewing the couch
  • Drinking from her water bowl, then washing the floor with the water afterwards
  • Running around the garden
  • Clowning around at puppy school (she’s been nicknamed the Class Clown)

Arizona doesn’t like:

  • Coffee cups
  • Being alone
  • DIY noises

Her Mom and Dad absolutely adore her and told me that the best thing about having a mixed breed dog is that you get so many great breed characteristics rolled into one completely unique dog.


Arizona was adopted from Wollies.  For more information about them, click here –


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