I’m often told by rescue dog parents that they didn’t really rescue their dog, their dog rescued them.

Meet Scooby.  This gentle giant was a large bag of nerves when he arrived at the Sandton SPCA. He growled at new people because he was so terrified of what was going to happen when they approached. Shelter staff suspected he’d been used for dog fighting in Alexandra Township, possibly as a bait dog, so his wariness was completely understandable.

His parents had just returned to Joburg from a long stint working overseas and were struggling to adjust to life back in SA when they adopted Scooby.  His Mom told me that having him to rehab gave her a purpose and in taking him to the dog park for socialising, she made some great new friends and so did Scooby.

This is the second set of photos I have taken of Scooby and the change in him is remarkable.  When I  first met him in 2012, he hid from me (which made taking photos very tricky), but this time he was much happier to sit and pose.  I think people like Scooby’s Mom who take on dogs with issues are super human.  The patience required to rehab a previously abused dog is immense, but the rewards are even bigger.


Scooby was adopted from Sandton SPCA.  You can find out about them here –

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