Snow & Gunter

dog photographer

Meet Snow and her brother (from another Mother) Gunter..

dog photographer

This pair of cuties were adopted in September 2016 from Woodrock Animal Rescue and now share their lives with their parents and three human siblings in the lap of luxury, a far cry from their humble beginnings.


Snow apparently has itchy teeth (or she is just so cute that her parents can live with her chewing) and apparently has taken a liking to eating the spinach in the veggie garden.  Snow is clearly looking after her iron intake, LOL.  Despite her size (she was well over 10kgs when I took this pic and will have grown since) she likes to sit on laps and be carried around like a baby by the children.


Gunter didn’t get the memo about being a dog, he thinks he’s a human child and not only jumps on the trampoline and swings on the swing in the garden, he also walks himself up the steps to the treehouse and goes down the slide.  Cute, smart and equipped with a sense of humour, what a great rescue dog!

To find out more about Woodrock Animal Rescue, please visit their website –

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