This is Tigg and it’s very likely that his ears assist with the satellite TV signal at his home (aren’t they brilliant!).

Tigg had an awful start to life, he was found in a storeroom at a mine with two broken legs as a result of being beaten with bricks, presumably he had been pestering the workers for food and they got fed up of him?  The storeroom manager took him to the vet for treatment and that’s where Tigg met his new Mom.


After 2 months of recuperation at the vet, Tigg went home to live with his new family of 4 doggy siblings.  He particularly loves his brother Gita who came with him to the photo shoot because Tigg can’t bear to be separated from him.

Despite his terrible experience at the hands of humans, Tigg is a very loving dog and when he’s not chasing birds in the garden, he loves nothing better than to snuggle with his Dad on the couch.


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