Meet Yoda and Peppi, two rescue dogs who love to sing!

These gorgeous pooches were adopted as tiny puppies by a Momma who wanted to make a difference by saving the lives of dogs in need rather than buying from a pet store or breeder.


Yoda is Queen Bee in her house.  She loves to sit in the bathroom while her Mom showers and her favourite thing is having her teeth brushed, LOL.  In her youth she enjoyed impersonating Houdini by escaping from her harness on walks and squeezing under her Mom’s car seat whilst she was driving.  Thankfully she’s a little more safety conscious these days, but hasn’t stopped singing from the back seat of the car.


Peppi, formally known as Peppermint Patti (!?) was adopted from Kitty and Puppy Haven as a small puppy.  She is quite the love bug and likes nothing better than sitting on her Mom’s lap and having her tummy tickled (despite her size).  If she doesn’t get the attention she requires, she taps with her paw until tickling is resumed.  Like her sister, Peppi also expresses her happiness through song.

For more information about Kitty and Puppy Haven please visit their website – www.kittypuppyhaven.org.za

One thought on “Yoda

  1. … I love this post.. I am there 2nd mommy… and absolutely love them to bits… have only bought so much love into my life…


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