Sam & Lexi


Sam, formerly known as ‘Grandpa’ due to his being a little older in years, basically moved himself into Ark Animal centre, possibly in search of a new home.  He lived with a man who let him wander around during the day and Grandpa liked to cross a very busy main road to visit Ark.  After the gazillionth visit, Ark refused to return Grandpa because he clearly wasn’t being cared for properly and he was put up for adoption.

Luckily for him, fate intervened and he met his new Mom who was looking for an older dog (I think she deserves a medal for being one of the very few people prepared to adopt a senior dog) and the rest is history.


Sam loves to show his appreciation for the things in life that make him happy.  When he gets a biscuit, he takes it, puts it down and spins around for a couple of minutes before eating it.  He does the same thing when he’s about to have his lead put on.  Sam shares his Mom with adopted sister Lexi.


Lexi was also adopted from Ark Animal Centre as a 12 week old puppy.  Her Mom had gone to look at a different pup, but when she saw Lexi sitting in a pen all alone, she was smitten.

Lexi is also known as Miss Congeniality because she’s incredibly friendly and wants to play with all the dogs and humans she meets.  She also loves to swim.

When Lexi is ready to go to sleep, she has a comfort blanket that she suckles on to settle herself.  (This behaviour is very common in dogs that have been orphaned or taken away from their mothers too soon and carries on into adulthood without any adverse effects.)

At weekends, when a lie-in is on the cards, Lexi relaxes on the bed with her Mom and Sam who likes to lick her face, which of course she loves.


Lexi and Sam were adopted from Ark Animal Centre –

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