Laska was adopted from Centurion SPCA after his parents visited the shelter looking for a cat.  He was the only dog that wasn’t barking as they wandered around the pound and when they went into his kennel for a closer inspection, he put his head on his Dad’s lap and that was that.

Laska has a very ‘novel’ name.  His Mom and Dad are both big readers and initially wanted to name him ‘Levin’ after a character in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, but decided on Alaska, shortened to ‘Laska after the theme of the book ‘Into the Wild’.  It turns out that ‘Levin’ has a dog called ‘Laska’ so all’s well that ends well.

Laska is a very quiet dog, but he does vocalise his happiness each morning when he wakes up with a big stretch and a howling yawn that sounds like ‘helloooooooooooooo’. Family activities usually include Laska, but if he can’t tag along for a trip, he stays with his Bouvier friend Gibson who he loves to play with.


Laska was adopted from the Lyttleton Branch of Tshwane SPCA –

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