Lulu & Jessie


Lulu started her life as a breeding machine for greedy humans.  When she was rescued she was a thin, malnourished and terribly neglected dog.  (If you ever wondered where the cute puppies for sale in pet stores come from, it’s usually some sort of revolting hell hole where dogs are treated terribly.)

Lula’s parents spotted her on the Kitty and Puppy Haven website in 2008 and decided to go with their three year old daughter and visit.  The photo they had seen was of a very scraggly dog that looked a bit like a Maltese Poodle and when they went looking for her at the shelter she was nowhere to be seen.  They had however caught the attention of a skinny little dog who was happily resting her head on their daughter.  The dog was in fact a shaved and tidied up Lulu who seemed to be waiting for them.


Jessie arrived with the family five years after Lulu in 2013. She was dumped at an SPCA as a 6 month old puppy and immediately bonded with the family’s then five year old son. I think she looks like Lulu’s long lost twin, LOL.

Jessie loves to be the centre of attention and is especially attached to Mom and Dad’s nine year old son.  She helps with homework and loves to hide in his homemade forts.

dsc_0077Lulu was adopted from Kitty and Puppy Haven –

Jessie was adopted from Brakpan SPCA

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