Alex, Skruffy and Toto


Alex was adopted from Sandton SPCA as an approximately 4 year old dog in 2002, making him now around 16.  He was found as a stray in Alexandra Township (hence the name) and his Mom describes making a soul connection with him the moment she saw him.

Alex is the Dalai Lama of dogs.  He’s calm and zen-like in all circumstances and everyone he meets falls in love with him.  Alex lives for the park and is also a keen church goer having left the park during his walk one morning to join a congregation for a Sunday morning sermon!!

This clever dog has quite an aversion to smoking and (very gently) removed a cigarette from the house sitter’s mouth on two occasions in an attempt to make him stop.

Alex was tricky to photograph.  Due to his age, his eye sight isn’t great and he’s also quite deaf, so getting his attention was tricky, but I think I’ve captured this Zen master in all his chilled out glory.



Skruffy had quite a journey (literally) to get to his forever home. He was spotted by a group of engineers working in a remote desert town called Springbok in the Northern Cape.  He wouldn’t come near them, so they left food and water out for him which he gladly accepted.  When they were due to leave the area they enlisted the help of PETs to rescue him so he wouldn’t be left behind.

Due to his wild beginnings, Skruffy had quite a list of homing requirements (high walls because he jumped, not being left alone all day, a patient experienced dog owning family to name but a few) which made finding a home tricky, until his Mom stepped in.

Skruffy is now a well adjusted member of the family and with a penchant for chewing rubber door stops and long runs in the park with Alex. His Mom often catches him star gazing in the garden, perhaps a nod to his nights alone in the desert.



Toto is a very cheeky chappy who was rescued from a Township after he’d been hit by a car. His leg was badly damaged (the injury was left untreated for some time before he was rescued) and ended up being amputated.  When his Mom first met him he was depressed and feeling very sorry for himself, so she immediately decided he needed some TLC and home he went.

It’s amazing how quickly dogs transform from mistreatment with a little bit of love and affection.  Toto morphed into quite the pest once he’d arrived at his new home.  His ultimate moment of naughty was destroying the dog mattress in the back of the car.  Mom went into a hardware store for two minutes and came back to find that the mattress had exploded and there was white stuffing all over the back of the car.  It’s funny how pillows and mattresses have a habit of exploding when dogs are around. LOL.


Alex was adopted from Sandton SPCA –

Skruffy was adopted from PETs –

Toto was adopted from CLAW –

One thought on “Alex, Skruffy and Toto

  1. They are beautiful!
    I recognize the exploding pillows story to well as Tigg + pillow = exploded filling all over the place 😜


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