Meet (King) Arthur, the self cleaning white dog who was supposed to be a black dog.  Arthur was adopted from Kitty and Puppy Haven by his Mom and human sister in 2016 when he was 4 months old.  They had, in fact, gone looking for a small, black female dog but Arthur had other ideas and he didn’t let them out of his sight until they came to meet him.  Despite being the total opposite of what they were looking for (his Mom thought he was a bit funny looking but don’t tell him) they were smitten.  I firmly believe that when you adopt a rescue dog you get the dog you need not necessarily the dog you want.


Arthur was born in a South African Township called Thembisa and was part of an unwanted litter, but now he couldn’t be more loved.  His favourite activity is chasing a laser pen (maybe he secretly thinks he’s a cat) which he’ll do for hours and he’s also a keen gardener and loves to interfere with the veggie patch being watered.  This guy couldn’t be more loved by his family who describe him as the best thing that ever happened to them.


Arthur was adopted from Kitty and Puppy Haven –

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