This is Bouncer, who possibly thinks her name is ‘Thank f**k for Bouncer’ (when you read Floppy’s story you’ll understand why).

This gorgeous girl was literally hand delivered to her family by someone who threw her over a 6ft fence.  Her Mom and Dad were inside watching TV when they heard a tiny yelp, going outside to investigate, they couldn’t see anything until one of their other dogs dived under a shrub and reversed out with a bald, mange ridden, flea infested 5 week old Bouncer in tow.

After nursing her back to health (thankfully her delivery hadn’t broken any bones) they couldn’t bear to part with her and she became part of the pack.

Bouncer is a small girl with the heart of a lion and as well as being super smart, she has repaid her Mom and Dad’s kindness back several times over by being mommy to over 20 litters of foster kittens.

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