This is Floppy Fox.  A rather exuberant girl with an IQ to rival Stephen Hawkings and a heart of gold. This pooch was brought into a vet at 10 months old weighing just 17kgs (she’s a large dog of 40 kgs now) at the same time as her Mom and Dad were at the vet with one of their other dogs.  Being dog lovers of note (they also own Bouncer who was thrown into their garden) they adopted her on the spot and took her home to nurse her back to health.

Floppy had been roaming around as a stray for months and was literally starving, so she had to bed fed 5 small meals a day to begin with until her stomach could cope with normal portions of food.  Despite having such a rough start to life, Floppy is trusting, kind and incredibly loving and in fact is very in tune with the rest of her human and dog family, so much so, that if anyone is unwell, she plays nurse and sits with them until them are better.

The only downside to Floppy is her terrible FOMO. She has Houdini like abilities to escape and locate her Mom and Dad.  No wall, fence, gate or door is too challenging for Floppy and she has even worked out how to open round door knobs in her quest to be included in every household activity.


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