Hello! I’m Emma and I’m on a mission to promote the adoption of rescue dogs especially the mixed breed variety.

This site is dedicated to sharing the images and stories of amazing rescue dogs that I’ve met and photographed.  There seems to be a bit of a stigma attached to rescue dogs that somehow they are inferior to pet store or breeder bought dogs, so my aim is to dispel the myths that surround second hand dogs and to encourage people to make shelters their first port of call when looking for a four legged companion.


My day job (and night and weekend job) is being a professional photographer, when I’m not photographing dogs you’ll find me photographing babies and their families.  I live in Johannesburg with my boyfriend (who deserves a medal, you’re about to see why), six dogs and a rescue African Grey parrot.

Meet the team:

Jane, AKA no brain Jane, is a Ridgeback X Weirmeraner with supermodel looks and limited thought processes.  I bought Jane not long after I arrived in South Africa in 2009 and she is my only non-rescue.


Jeremy.  This golden oldie arrived in my life on Valentine’s Day 2011 aged around 6 years, adopted from Sandton SPCA.  I specifically wanted a Dachshund and the universe delivered this guy. He’s now rather old and has had all manner of exciting ailments including two, yes two, retained testicles removed.  On the first vet visit an x-ray revealed a pin in one of his back legs and on the second testicle removal, two years later, the vet found a pellet lodged in his chest.  Clearly he went through the wars before finding his way to me.  Jeremy is very fond of laps and peeing on things.



Dora Dog.  I adopted Dora from CLAW in March 2011 as a very skinny rather broken 6 month old puppy, she’s now a 30kg needy monster with a penchant for sleeping under bed covers.  You can find out more about Dora here.


Hazel.  This little diva came from Ark in 2012 as a tiny 8 week old puppy.  Hazel chewed through 5 laptop cables and two iMac cables within her first year of life (and survived without a shock), so she’s not been allowed pocket money since.  Hazel’s favourite place to sleep is in her lair behind the bags of dog food in the kitchen where she looks out and growls at any of the other dogs passing by.


Juno AKA gorgeous (ahem).  Juno came as part of the package with my boyfriend in 2014 and has slotted in with the pack very well.  Juno likes to sleep as much as possible on the couch and snores so loudly that she drowns out the TV at full blast.  She has since had her right eye removed (a long and winding tale that started with cherry eye 3 years ago), but she manages just fine.


Little Ed is the latest edition to our family and has confirmed my ‘Foster Failure’ status.  Little Ed was part of a litter of 9 puppies dropped off at CLAW at just 3 days old after their mother died.  I bottle fed him and 2 of his sisters (who I will be fostering until they find homes) but he’s the lucky one who gets to stay.  I’m quite intrigued as to how big he’s going to get (quite big I suspect) but for now I can comfortable pick him up and smother him with kisses, which he responds to with teeth snaps.


Richard the parrot is not one to be outdone, so a pack intro wouldn’t be complete without him.  This guy is a complete lunatic who was found as a stray and never claimed so I volunteered to take him.  The first thing he imitated was my cackling laugh which he does on cue whenever there’s a gap in the conversation or he’s looking for attention.  He also does a great Hadeda impression (a South African bird from the Ibis family that looks and sounds like a pterodactyl) but disappointingly hasn’t picked up any swear words.


If you’d like to know more about my photography services you can find out more on my business website – www.emmaobrien.com